I’m 20.  Cool deal.

I got a staff, mushrooms (3g dust), 2 hits LSD, and some maturity. I might be broke as hell and fucked financially but whatever, life is good.

3 poi wednesdays

3 doors, one will open.

My roommate decided to move out today, I have 2 months left here in utah now. Do I stay and enjoy the salt lake city again during the summer? Do I move to California to grow herb for dispensaries? Do I go home? 2 of the 3 allow for me to go to the burn, gathering, and a few other shows. The last would be boring and an experience to reintroduce me into “regular” society.

The first two I’m stuck between. Both at viable. One an adventure, one comforting in nostalgia. Hmm, decisions.

Great Wednesday.

Woke up and sold some old airsoft stuff that I didn’t use nor need, paid off a large chunk of a debt, then went to spin with some new friends.  I learned a whole bunch of double hoop stuff, club concepts, and 3 poi.  Then our group multiplied with more hoopers, dartists, spinners, and fanners.  We then burned after free pie. 

Tonight was great, I can’t wait until sunday. 

I’m getting free isolation hoops, a dread bead, and 3 poi for $30.  Life is swell.

I’m back, get down with the groove brothers and sisters.

Sunday funday

Sunday funday

Wednesday Day Trippin.

Step 1: Eat 5 hits of LSD

Step 2: Give friend 5 hits of LSD for food

Step 3: Walk around U of U campus even though I don’t go to school there

Step 4: Meet music Mark.

Step 5: Spin Poi

Step 6: Meet Harriet.

Step 7: Find ride

Step 8: Continue to trip for 14 hours

Step 9: Realize I’ve got no food, no money, and no bed.

Step 10: Say shit.

The Shit You Hear

"I’m such a narcissistic bastard, help me.  Eat some acid with me!"

Hmmm, I’m quite the hoot to trip with when it comes to fixing oneself it seems.  I’ll do it for the sake of killing an ego, though if I gain a new one I’ll be mighty disappointed.